Pet Emergency & Urgent Care in Cody, WY

Learn more about our pet emergency & urgent care services below.

We at Advanced Veterinary Care Center are aware that not everything goes according to plan. Just like people, our pets are susceptible to unexpected illness or injury. We recognize the stress this places on pet owners in this period of veterinary treatment that has never been seen before. At Advanced Veterinary Care Center, we aim to do everything in our power to support you and your pet in the best possible ways. That could mean we can see you in some cases or that we believe your pet requires more extensive treatment, testing, and monitoring.
Pet Dentistry
Please call Advanced Veterinary Care Center if you believe your pet is in an urgent situation. Our knowledgeable staff can help evaluate your pet’s symptoms and determine whether it is truly experiencing an emergency and need quick attention. If your pet needs to be seen right away, as a drop-off or at an open appointment time, we’ll find out if one of our veterinarians is available.

If the Advanced Veterinary Care Center staff determines that taking your pet right away to an emergency/referral hospital is in your pet’s best interests based on your description, they will direct you in doing so. We will assist you in setting up an appointment if we determine that the situation your pet is in doesn’t call for immediate attention.

Please be aware that there are only a limited number of hours in the day and individuals to fill them. We occasionally need to refer your pet to an emergency facility in order to deliver the kind, individualized treatment we strive for. Please appreciate the advice given; we’re here to help everyone. Please take note that Advanced Veterinary Treatment Center exam prices for urgent care and emergencies are more than usual.